We re-branded and re-established activewear brand XINX, by creating a new marketing strategy based on consumer insight. We developed and executed a new brand identity – new imagery and  tone of voice to connect them to the relevant audience.

We established a campaign theme to build all content around – creating and directing all imagery and video content. Quickly gained the trust of the fitness influencers by hosting ongoing events to maintain the conversation.

We took XINX from this…

To this…

We created a clear campaign platform, Train Your Style, which championed fitness enthusiasts to train how they want with no judgement. The new activewear brand is aimed at fitness enthusiasts who love to train hard, whether it’s for a calmer mind, a stronger body, a healthier heart, a flatter stomach, a bigger bum, or just to hangout with like-minded people. Whatever it is, XINX wants you to train your way, in your style, in order to reach your fitness goals, so what are you waiting for, #TrainYourStyle – it’s your choice..

“It’s about consistent, engaging, story led quality content. We worked with influencers in fitness to create various campaigns and to keep the consumer interested whilst we still had the same collection to talk about for six months.”

Francesca Gamble, Founder Twenty-Nine London

We increased returning customers to the website by over 300% and secured over 50 pieces of print, online and influencer coverage in 6months, resulting in over £180k media value.  XINX activewear brand became a firm favourite amongst the fitness enthusiasts.