The Soul Business, a virtual coaching & consultancy, has been specifically tailored to work with start-up minded brands to help them reach their marketing potential on a limited budget.  Entrepreneur Francesca Gamble shares her wealth of knowledge of setting up and growing her own marketing agency in London with no budget (or savings!) that has grown to deliver campaigns for some of the biggest consumer brands in the World to the ones just starting out.

“It really excites me to have the opportunity to coach and consult with start-up minded brands, for me this is the most challenging yet rewarding part of my job, which I absolutely love. Over the years I have seen the amount of money people have spent in their own businesses on things like websites and logo designs, I am talking £50k+ for one person and one brand, they would see the great work of Twenty-Nine London and ask for the marketing services, but with very little money left to spend. It quickly became impossible to service these kind of clients effectively, and I wished I was there at the beginning to help guide the mistakes before they happened. That’s one of the reasons why I set-up The Soul Business, to enable me to provide my expertise at an affordable monthly cost and provide each business with a bespoke approach tailored to their needs and begin the journey together. The Soul Business is hopefully going to be more than just a ‘business’, I want each entrepreneur to grow personally, I truly believe that success is 85% mindset and most of us just need to understand how our mind works to be able to survive the longevity and the challenges of running your own business.”

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