I’ve worked in Brand Communications for over 10 years, coming from a PR sponsorship background, to now being fully immersed into digital communications and what I like to refer to it as, ‘story-telling.’ Wether you’re looking to get featured in a publication, create content for your Instagram, write a newsletter to your customers, throw a big launch party, everything comes back to the art of story-telling, because if people/ your customer can not clearly hear or see what you’re trying to convey, your message will be missed and likely so will your next sale – or your next like on instagram.

I am obsessed with the art of story-telling because I believe it’s at the very heart of what all brands should come back to. Make you words count, be consistent, create a strong visual identity and stick to it. It’s easy to be distracted. Especially in today’s brand environment, where consumers are more in the driving seat than ever before with purchase decision making.

I always compare a brand’s story-telling ability to a singer, imagine how many times that person has had to sing the same song to thousands maybe millions of people, year after year. Singing the song with the same effort, passion and love, as each person they sing to is hearing it for the first time time. A brand’s messaging is the same, you must constantly show up day after day communicating and inspiring so the customers keep coming.

In my eyes a brand operates a lot like a human, they have a soul and then a personality, which can be reflected in any guises of a brand life span, but essentially the brand should always be rooted from it’s soul – it’s vision to create and lead.

Creating a brand feels powerful. It feels like something greater than you. You can influence people’s lives, change their behaviour, their habits and more importantly, creating a brand is the very thing which enables you to bring your product to life. It can quite honestly be the difference between success and failure of a product.

Just remember, most ideas are not new. But the way you brand it can be.

I hope more people in the world keep building brands, and in return create incredible businesses to last the test of time.

Find joy in creating,