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Mind Body Business

Working for yourself or running a business in today’s world requires more than just a good idea.



Twenty-Nine London is a collaborative brand consultancy, specialising in creating and executing communication strategies for lifestyle and luxury brands.  

Through our bespoke network of marketeers and creatives, we can deliver UK and global PR campaigns, bespoke events, influencer campaigns, celebrity endorsements, social and digital marketing campaigns. We’re passionate about how brands communicate to their customer, how they look, how they feel and how they interact. 

We build new brands from the ground up and work on special projects for existing global brands, but whatever the communicational challenge you face, we always provide a bespoke service to fulfil individual client needs.




Your weekly insight into the people shaping our industry, keep updated with the latest from the team at Twenty-Nine London and join in the conversation.

  • Brand Consultancy

    Brand Consultancy

    Working with in-house offering recommendations and support on all communications.

  • Global PR and Asset Creation

    Global PR and Asset Creation

    We create specific communication strategies ensuring the best channels in which to tell your brand story.

  • Creative Content Studio

    Creative Content Studio

    Utilising our trusted network of creatives we can create bespoke branded content.

  • Digital & Social Media

    Digital & Social Media

    Working holistically across all marketing communication channels to devise a strategy most suited to your customer.

  • Influencer Engagement

    Influencer Engagement

    We’ve created our own database of luxury and lifestyle contacts.

  • Sponsorship & Partnerships

    Sponsorship & Partnerships

    From look & feel, right down to the consumer journey and extending the conversation to your blog & newsletter.

  • Private Events

    Private Events

    We don’t throw parties for the hell of it. Attention to detail is key and we ensure your event has a clear objective.

  • Website Creation

    Website Creation

    From look & feel, right down to the consumer journey and extending the conversation to your blog & newsletter.

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